Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

About Us



The Moon Age Gazette store is owned and operated by Kari, writer of the Moon Age Gazette www.moonagegazette.com. The store is designed as a practical addition in your personal discovery of the natural and metaphysical energies discussed in the Gazette. Kari has been a practicing witch for over 20 years.


She was first inspired to the craft while growing up near Detroit Michigan during the 1970's. Her childhood love of nature and science coupled with a fascination for discovering spiritual truths led her to finding a perfect harmony in new age and pagan philosophies. In the days before the internet, so much of her exposure to these powerful and positive ideas were through the local occult and metaphysical stores - first in the Detroit area, then Chicago and now in Los Angeles where she currently resides. Spending hours perusing books and mysterious objects one can learn so much! The enlightened energies of her favorite stores and their proprietors always added a sacred aura to each book, charm and candle that she brought home with her.


It is in this spirit that this store exists, as a comfortable and enlightening haven for all who visit. The thousands of items on our virtual shelves all resonate with unique energies. Let your soul guide you in your selections and may you take with you an abundance of love, luck and harmony as you continue on your journey!


Blessed Be,


Kari, Frederick and Silver